About Me

so i put all of these people on blast…but not myself. so go ahead…read about me!

gender: female
age: 31
race: pale like a ghost
occupation: creative arteest
height: 5’11” and 3/4
coolest thing about me: i’m a klutz and can laugh about it

about me
i’m a nerd. a klutz. a free spirit and an imaginative thinker. i’ve been told i’m like a firecracker–I make it hot. sorry, couldn’t resist the latter. the firecracker part is true…or was it fireball? hmm, maybe it was fiesty…I know it was one of those F words!

i am super competitive when it comes to sports/table games/billiards and air hockey. this also means i will usually disagree with you if you think the Cowboys are a good football team and this also means that i LOVE watching the Rockets beat the Mavs. =)

i am in the creative services industry and enjoy what i do (finally), but should have been a race car driver with all the speeding tickets i get. why can’t we go 90 mph on the freeway?

i hate shopping for clothes, but i will shop for shoes or stuff for my house on any given day. my favorite stores are any furniture store and ikea…plus target and stein mart.

i am pretty tall so i’d prefer guys who are at least 6′. if you are shorter…please come equipped with an awesome personality. don’t make me state the reasons as to why i deserve someone taller. you’ll just get an earful. and boy am i a talker.

my favorite food is Mexican…but I love Chinese as well. I cook at least three times a week and actually enjoy the leftovers. you will never go hungry…as I can ‘throw down in the kitchen’. i’m addicted to green tea, snow crab and any kind of sour candy ever made…plus you will always find a jar of m&ms in my house.

i love garage sales and love me some coupons! i recycle EVERYTHING and try to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. will i ever buy an electric car? probably not…unless of course they make them as cool looking as the audi r8 and less expensive than the tesla roadster.

can you tell i like cars? i grew up as the tomboy and still enjoy playing in the mud, riding 4 wheelers and exploring creek beds. i am a die-hard fan of action movies–the more explosions, fights, cool cars and guns…the better. my fav car? the mercedes cls 63 amg. please do not tell my nissan.

as you can see i’m a total dork. i’ve walked into a satellite dish before and if you’re okay with that…then we can totally be friends.


2 Responses to “About Me”

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