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I have been in love. I’ve even been asked to get married. But I’ve also been used, abused (emotionally), manipulated and cheated on. Plus, I think my last ex literally broke me. Yet for some reason, I still put myself out there in hopes that a really great guy will sweep me off my feet and really love me.

I’m just your average girl-next-door looking for what my parents have. How hard is it? Hard enough to make someone want to give up.

But I haven’t.

Until then, this blog is all about what men shouldn’t do on first dates, what men are like as my dates and the trials and tribulations of finding love.

Currently, I have profiles on PlentyofFish, Match and OKCupid. I’m also an avid networker and I’m in countless professional organizations. With all of these sites and groups come stories, so…I hope you’re ready. A book might come out of this.

Update 6/2012, I have NO profiles on either of the online dating sites and like it that way. I am however, involved in a whole hell of a lot more organizations…so maybe someone out there will fall for me.

Update 1/2013 – I currently, have NO online profiles on any dating sites, but have tossed around the thought of reopening a account. Who knows…

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